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21 Pictures That Totally Look Like Donald Trump

Can't deny it.

1. A fuzzy caterpillar:

@C_Doogz on the left is an actual real life species of Caterpillar and on the right is Donald Trump's hair

2. A fresh ear of corn:

3. A suspicious dog:

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

4. This bird:

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

5. A piece of sushi:

Scott Olson / Getty Images

6. A crusty old leather chair:

7. This cat:

Wish I had a cat so I could Trump It #TrumpYourCat #Maddow #Winning

And this cat:

#TRUMPYOURCAT Cat owners style their felines' fur to resemble Donald Trump

8. An old car carrying way too much hay:

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

9. A suspiciously square guinea pig:

10. The evil lady from The Goonies:

11. Mrs. Puff:

12. One of those chickens that always looks surprised:

13. A child who can't read the chalkboard:

14. A blobfish:

15. An exploded doughnut:

16. An exhausted rabbit:

JEWEL SAMAD / Getty Images

17. A wet chicken nugget:

18. Gizmo:

19. Biff from Back to the Future:

Siempre me ha parecido que Donald Trump se inspiró en Biff Tannen.

20. A cartoon frog:

21. And, finally, Trump looks like an orange a genie granted the power of speech to:

Andrew H. Walker

Trump for Orangemerica!

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