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I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At These Extremely Hilarious And Tragic DIY Fails

Please, people. Get an expert.

If you ever feel bad about your own awful home improvement skills, just remember...

1. At least you didn't leave your bedroom looking like a crime scene while painting:

Red paint spill on a light carpet and a black wall

2. At least you didn't put your ceiling fan in fan prison:

A ceiling fan amid scaffolding

3. At least this isn't the first thing you see every single morning:

misaligned knobs

4. At least your lamp isn't forever yearning to be free:

Lamp behind a grate ceiling: "Who thought it was a good idea"

5. At least you didn't learn about how truly different various types of paint can be:

Car painted with house paint

6. At least you won't have a heart attack every time you leave your bedroom:

Door opening on the side of a flight of stairs

7. At least you didn't make this shocking discovery:

Lightbulbs not connected

8. At least your dang lights aren't underwater:

A ceiling transparent lampshade filled with water

9. At least your cat and the Roomba didn't conspire against you:

White paint on a wood floor in random paths

10. At least you didn't pull off the impossible while installing a roof:

Nails jutting out of metal roof that missed the wooden beams

11. At least you won't be forever mocked by the puzzles that shall never be finished:

Painted-over puzzle piece at the base of a wall

12. At least you didn't learn the hard way about the necessity of using a stud finder:

A row of small holes in a wall

13. At least you won't be forced to choose between fresh air and water for the foreseeable future:

Sink faucet blocking a window from opening out

14. At least your ceiling fan isn't crying out for help:

Ceiling fan installed right next to a wall so the blades can't rotate, and now with only two blades

15. At least the vent you installed won't be blasting whatever happens in the bathroom all over the place:

Vent right behind a toilet tank

16. At least your downstairs neighbors didn't accidentally drill a hole straight into your floor:

A very long drill coming through the floor

17. At least you didn't turn your sink into a magical slide that leads directly to your toilet:

A toilet (with a toothbrush in it) with a sloping side that starts at the end of a sink

18. At least you don't have approximately 7 inches between your boiling pot of water and your stove hood:

A very low stove hood below a cabinet

19. At least the local ducks don't have it out for you:

Many, many duck footprints on fresh cement

20. At least your faucet didn't juuuust miss the mark:

Faucet too short to reach the sink, so water just flows onto the side of the sink

21. At least you aren't trapped forever upstairs:

Person at top of stairs that have been dismantled

22. At least your blood pressure won't go up every time you take a bath and look at your faucets:

misaligned faucets

23. At least your neighbor didn't just put in a chandelier:

Four thick screws emerging through a wood floor

24. At least your stove won't drive you up a wall and to the left every time you use it:

misaligned stove

25. At least your bathroom sink doesn't look like, well, you know, poo:

Brown swirl design on sink

26. At least your showerhead isn't a grotesque monstrosity full of horrors our simple human brains cannot comprehend:

Showerhead with a mound of yellow gunk/foam behind it where it emerges from the wall

27. At least you aren't locked in a never-ending game of hide-and-go-seek with an outlet:

Outlet half hidden behind a wall

28. At least your pipe, uh, doesn't, uh, you know, uh, look like this:

Pipe emerging from a floorboard painted the same color as the floor and looking like a large penis

29. At least you won't cringe every time you go to sauté some vegetables on the stove:

A stove not aligned with hood above it

30. At least you didn't run out of paint at the worst possible moment:

Barely painted wall and ceiling

31. At least you didn't pop your wall full of holes:

Many holes in a wall looking for a stud

32. At least your door can still door:

Door with two handles facing the same way

33. At least the windows you installed aren't making fun of you:

Windows that look like "poop" spelled out

34. At least you aren't trapped for eternity in the living room:

woman sitting on the only unpolished part of a freshly polished wood floor

35. At least you don't have a drain for decoration:

Drain on a raised section of the tiled shower floor, so it does nothing

36. At least your door doesn't have a full moon:

Someone tried to make a kitty door but put it on the wrong end of the door

37. At least you're not dealing with...this:

Roof hood thats connected to nothing

38. At least your Roomba didn't find a tiny piece of rock and go to town:

Scratches all over a kitchen floor

39. At least you didn't just splatter your stairs after knocking over some paint:

Blue paint all over stairs

40. At least you didn't build yourself a miniature house:

A man walks upstairs but his head hits the ceiling

41. At least you don't have to look at this monstrosity every day:

Misaligned planks in a house deck

42. At least you didn't just find out that "not all doors are the same size":

A door too narrow for the doorway

43. At least you didn't forget a very important step of painting:

Person who accidentally painted their clothes while painting a louvered closet door

44. At least you don't have a monster trying to bust out of your basement walls:

Wall bursting in a basement

45. At least a leaf won't be part of your home decor until the end of days:

Painted-over leaf

46. At least your new shower doesn't look like this:

A shattered shower in pieces all over the bathroom tile

47. At least your drawers can get along:

Two drawers at right angles blocking each other in a kitchen

48. At least your toilet isn't a dang puzzle:

a toilet bowl with the lid and the seat on in reverse

49. At least your ceiling fan isn't locked in a heated battle with your wall:

A three-blade ceiling fan whose blades have made deep holes in the surrounding wall on either side

50. And at least your poor stove didn't just find out how heavy microwaves are:

Microwave above a shattered stove top