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32 Things From Your Childhood You Had Absolutely No Idea Had Been Discontinued

How am I just finding out these are gone?

1. Lime-flavored Skittles:

Lime skittles ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Skittles changed their green lime flavor to apple in 2013. Up is down! Right is wrong! Nothing makes sense anymore.

2. Altoids sours:

Altoids needs to bring back the sours I canโ€™t be the only one who misses them

Your tongue hasn't been able to get absolutely destroyed since 2010.

3. Creme Savers:

The creme that saved all of us from nondelicious candy couldn't be saved itself. It went away within the last few years.

4. Oreo Cakesters:

Sweet, soft Cakesters were no more as of seven years ago.

5. Pepsi Blue:

This sweet, delicious blue nectar of the gods was ripped from our hearts and souls in 2004.

6. Reese's Swoops:

What's better than a chip? How about a chip MADE OF CHOCOLATE! Too bad they've been gone since 2006.

7. 3D Doritos:

The world got a whole lot more 2D in 2005.

8. Kudos:

The most delicious granola bar ever to granol disappeared from shelves within the last few years.

9. Yogos:

They've been Yo-gone from shelves since the early 2010s.

10. Cereal Straws:

Went to that great cereal straw in the sky in the early 2010s.

11. Hershey's Kissables:

Hershey's kissables... Like M&Ms but better! from nostalgia

You were no longer able to get Kissables starting in 2009.

12. Flintstone Push Up Pops:


You can still get these...just without the Flintstones on your sherbet pops. Dang shame.

13. Butterfinger BB's:

Bart Simpson's favorite candy, and (in my humble opinion) the perfect Butterfinger experience, hasn't been around since 2006.

14. Cinnamon Tic Tacs:


If you can believe it, both Cinnamon AND Spearmint Tic Tacs have been gone since 2014.

15. Skittles gum:

The rainbow got a whole less chewy starting in 2006.

16. Nesquik cereal:

Nesquik Cereal was quikly removed from shelves in the US in 2012. You can still get it in some other countries.

17. Slice Soda:

Slice as we knew it has been gone since 2009. Now it's a seltzer.

18. Ouch! Bubble Gum:

Ouch Gum from nostalgia

The only gum that was simultaneously delicious and functional has been gone since 2009.

19. Reese's Bites:

These chewy lil' balls of deliciousness haven't been around since 2008.

20. Squeeze Pop:

The goopiest candy gooped no more within the last few years.

21. Trix yogurt:

While still available at some places in smoothie form, the orig yogurt has been gone since 2013.

22. Pizzarias:

Pizzarias! Who misses these? from nostalgia

The alpha and omega of chips has been gone since the '90s.

23. Lollipop Paint Shop:

Candy hasn't been creative since the mid-2000s.

24. Philadelphia Cheesecake Bars:

Look at that thing. It's gorgeous. It also was discontinued over a decade ago.

25. Squeezits:

The juiciest juice to ever juice has been juiced out since 2001.

26. Ritz Bits S'mores:

Ritz s'mored no more in the US two years ago.

27. Pop-Tarts Go-Tarts:

They've been Go-Go-GONE since 2008.

28. Waffle Crisp:

Waffle Crisp left us in 2018.

29. Pepsi Twist:

Yet another twisted product gone too soon. Pepsi discontinued Twist in the US in 2006.

30. Twisted Cheetos:

The twisted world took these twisted delights in 2012.

31. PB Crisps:

These gifts from God have been gone since 1995.

32. Ice Breakers Liquid Ice:

The world's strongest mint hasn't freshened anyone's breath in about five years.

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