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    Ouch, I Feel Absolutely Awful For These People Who Paid A Ton Of Money For Something And Got Ripped Off

    "I paid $11 for pizza at an amusement was the size of a Bagel Bite."

    1. The person who paid a premium for probably the most authentic Italian pizza around:

    2. The person who ain't flyin' anywhere with these miniature wings:

    3. The person who is really, really gonna enjoy that one corner of their blueberry (singular) muffin:

    4. The person who got metaphorically slapped in the face by the rice krispy treat they paid extra for:

    5. The person who must have accidentally ordered from the horse menu:

    6. The person who paid $15 for what I will affectionately call the "Diarrhea Special":

    7. The person whose pasta salad consists of approximately 14 pieces of pasta:

    8. The person who got a nice tray of whatever fell underneath the grill:

    9. The person who, despite their questionable taste, got the bare minimum in pineapple:

    10. The person who must have angered the avocado gods:

    11. The person who paid half their rent for a big salty potato:

    12. The person with the absolute best seat in the house:

    13. The person who, lord almighty maker of heaven and Earth of all that is seen and unseen, got these f'd up lookin' nachos:

    14. The person who paid extra for approximately 14 pieces of cheese:

    15. The person whose blueberries they paid extra for are practically screaming for help:

    16. The person who paid extra for six olives and they better like it:

    17. The person who was betrayed by the mozzarella stick picture:

    18. The person who coulda just stayed home and had this meal:

    19. The person who got their hockey puck cooked juuuust right:

    20. The person whose pizza was cut at approximately a 22 degree angle

    21. The person who paid for what is quite possibly the world's saddest quesadilla:

    22. The person whose expensive sushi mushed together into one giant mega-sushi:

    23. The person who's straight up' wipin' with toilet paper for ghosts. SERIOUSLY!

    Hate to see that. Ya really do.