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19 Extremely Specific Things You Did One Last Time Without Realizing It

And just like, it never happens again.

1. Burned one last CD:

2. Looked up movie times in the newspaper instead of online one last time:

3. Browsed the selection at Blockbuster to get one last movie:

4. Downloaded one last song (that probably gave your computer a virus):

5. Made a call on a landline phone one last time:

6. Sent one last text using T9 instead of a full keyboard:

7. Took the packaging off a brand new CD one last time:

8. Printed out directions instead of using your phone:

9. Went to the store to listen to new music on the headphones they had there on final time:

10. Did the cassette-pencil trick one last time:

11. Had one last lunchtime conversation at this exact table:

12. Drank out of the hose one final time:

13. Logged onto AIM one last time:

14. Got one last prize in your cereal:

15. Changed the batteries in your Gameboy one last time:

16. Hung out at the spot one last time:

17. Hit rewind on a VHS tape one final time:

18. Took the bus home from school one final time:

19. And finally: