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    Apr 27, 2020

    27 People Who Immediately Regretted Everything In Their Life That Led To This Moment

    That did not go as planned.

    1. This proud owner of a brand-new heavy piece of garbage:

    2. This amateur chef:

    3. This bacon bandit:

    4. This person who's stranded forevermore:

    5. This person with the cleanest mouth on the planet:

    6. This very wet photographer:

    7. This contestant who played the world's most dangerous game:

    8. This person who just wanted some dang ice cream:

    9. This owner of the grainiest windshield in existence:

    10. This ashamed flyer:

    11. This smallest person alive:

    12. This law-abiding citizen:


    13. Ol' Frozen Pants:

    14. This pants destroyer:

    15. Ol' Diaper Mouth:

    16. This Plant City resident:

    17. This person who learned that birds will attack at a moment's notice:

    18. This person who can never go back to work:

    19. This person who mistook soy sauce for maple syrup:

    20. This banker:

    21. This person who shared a little too much:

    22. This person who found out what happens when you stick your hand in a speaker:

    23. This person who forgot to close their window:

    24. The gassiest student around:

    25. This mom:

    26. The modern-day Grinch:

    27. And, finally, whoever is responsible for this sign getting put up:

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