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25 Things That Ruined Your Day 15 Years Ago That No One Cares About Now

These used to be absolutely devastating.

Back in the 2000s, nothing was worse than...

1. The moment your beloved Livestrong bracelet finally went to the great wristband heaven in the sky:

2. Firing up your iPod and seeing this:

3. Or, even worse, THIS:

4. Going over your minutes and being forced to wait till 9 p.m. to communicate or face the wrath of your parents:

5. Waiting days for your disposable camera's pictures to develop, only to find out your thumb ruined 95% of them:

6. Checking your Netflix queue and seeing that every movie you REALLY want to see is a "very long wait":

7. Or going to rent a movie and AGAIN not being able to get the one you wanted:

8. Putting your freshly burned CD into a CD player and seeing THIS:

9. Or taking out your favorite CD or DVD and seeing this awful sight:

10. And then trying to save it by rubbing a random fruit on it, because that's what the internet said to do:

11. Murdering your computer while trying to download a Blink-182 song:

12. Downloading a 3MB file and seeing that it's going to take a lifetime:

13. Misspelling a word on your super-cool custom Converse:

14. Trying to record the perfect ringtone and getting RUDELY interrupted midsong:

15. Spending your entire day organizing your music collection, just to have iTunes quit on you:

16. Minding your own business on Internet Explorer and having it crash every 5 to 10 minutes:

17. Missing the channel you wanted to check on and having to sit there like a big ol' dummy dumb-dumb:

18. Seeing this horrible sight on your Xbox:

19. Or this on your PS2:

20. Just, like, having to replace batteries all the damn time:

21. Clicking on a link your friend sent you and getting the daylights scared out of you:

22. Missing the best part of your favorite show because you couldn't pause it:

23. Having to be off the internet the whole dang day:

24. Trying to take a super-grainy picture with your old busted flip phone and getting a "NO ROOM AVAILABLE" message:

25. Or, if you didn't have a phone, having to do this:



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