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    23 Pictures That Show The TRUE Danger Of Smoking Weed


    1. Before you smoke weed, think about the very noodly consequences:


    2. Remember the true danger your sandwiches are in:

    3. And, lord help us, be careful with the toast:

    4. Before you even THINK about smoking weed, realize the danger you're in:

    5. Don't you DARE look at anyone's shoes:

    6. And, please please please, stay away from ice cream sandwiches:

    7. Before you even CONSIDER smoking weed, just realize all the truly terrifying stuff you're going to see:

    8. Do you REALLY want a hilarious story about messing up your alarm?

    9. And do you REALLY want to be chased by A FRIDGE???

    10. Like, does this look funny to you?


    12. Marijuana is dangerous. Just ask your uncharged phone:

    13. Or this poor man:

    14. Or this defenseless remote:

    15. You think it's safe to smoke marijuana? WELL, LOOK AT THIS:

    16. You really want to get to know yourself on a spiritual level?

    17. You think zooming in real far on a computer is funny?

    18. Doesn't this SCREAM dangerous?

    19. You really want to watch a bird eat a dog?

    20. You want to communicate with magical dogs?

    21. Or forget about lungs?

    22. You really want to find strange, hilarious details in otherwise mundane things?

    23. Say it with me: marijuana is dangerous is the most dangerous drug out there.

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