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    22 Dads Who Truly Out-Dadded Themselves In Every Single Way Possible

    It doesn't get more dadder than this.

    1. The labeling dad:

    2. The dramatic dad:

    3. The sandwich dad:

    4. The panorama dad:

    5. The vacuuming dad:

    6. The artistic dad:

    7. The meowing dad:

    8. The extension dad:

    9. The green-ball dad:

    10. The cleanly dad:

    11. The miracle-of-birth dad:

    12. The enthusiastic dad:

    13. The group chat dad:

    14. The makeup dad:

    15. The Venmo dad:

    16. The beekeeping dad:

    17. The pun dad:

    18. The credit card dad:

    19. The telephone dad:

    20. The emailing dad:

    21. The tough dad:

    22. The ultimate dad:

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