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23 Dads Who Somehow Managed To Make 2020 A Much Better Year

Heroes of the game.

1. The dad who gave a touching photo for Christmas:

Not sure if this belongs but this picture my dad gave me for Christmas from oldpeoplefacebook

2. The lamp dad:

Dad made the classic mistake of buying something on amazon without checking it's size. We now have two 10 foot lamps. from funny

3. The group messaging dad:

4. The gift-giving dad:

The kids have been asking, dad is delivering. Christmas is going to be great... from funny

5. The professional photographer dad:

6. The label-making dad:

7. The take-no-chances dad:

My dad built this to protect the tree from the cat from funny

8. The debt-free dad:

9. The design genius dad:

Dad bought mom a new mask from funny

10. The explainer dad:

My son asked me "Where does poo come from?" I was a little uncomfortable but gave him an honest explanation. He looked a little perplexed, and stared at me in stunned silence for a few seconds and asked, "And Tigger?"

11. The Alexa dad:

another day of my dad forgetting our amazon accounts are linked ...

12. The voice-to-text dad:

thabks dad from ihadastroke

13. The makeup dad:

14. The glowing dad:

my dad before & after he figured out what the ring light was for

15. The wedding dad:

So I invited my dad to a wedding dress event where all dresses are $150. The event starts at 7am but lines can form at 4am. My Dad just called me and said he brought a chair and is the first person outside the building already waiting..... ITS 2:55AM.

16. The technological wizard dad:

17. The virtual reality dad:

absolutely no one: my dad doing virtual reality:

18. The social butterfly dad:

My Dad, having a conversation with himself on Facebook. from oldpeoplefacebook

19. The pun king dad:

My dad was responsible for our neighbourhood sign this week, a series from funny

20. The mayoral dad:

21. The bee dad:

22. The out-of-control dad:

23. And this dad:


Thank you for making 2020 better.

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