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    24 Dads Who Truly Out-Dadded Themselves In 2019

    These dads win.

    1. The label-maker dad:

    2. The dramatic dad:

    3. The tattooed dad:

    4. The guacamole dad:

    5. The master-namer dad:

    6. The group chat dad:

    7. The fashion-forward dad:

    8. The optometrist dad:

    9. The slaps dad:

    10. The bath bomb dad:

    11. The White Claw dad:

    12. The dueling dad:

    13. The laptop dad:

    14. The Irishman dad:

    I watched The Irishman with my parents. My dad was silent the whole time except when De Niro’s truck broke down and he said, “must be the transmission.” He didn’t say anything else for the rest of the movie

    15. The wooden dad:

    16. The grocery cart dad:

    17. The pool dad:

    18. The spreadsheet dad:

    19. The emailing dad:

    20. The divorced dad:

    21. The short but sweet dad:

    22. The tough-guy dad:

    23. The lawful dad:

    24. And the mowing dad: