My Mind Is Completely Blown After Seeing And Reading These 35 Extremely Random Facts

    Well, I'll be.

    1. Plymouth Rock is much, much smaller than I thought:

    2. American Froot Loops and Canadian Froot Loops are totally different:

    3. Circulated money gets worn out real quick:

    4. Wolves are frighteningly huge:

    5. Soda can do this to metal over time:

    6. Some bocce balls have little surprises inside:

    7. Phone numbers used to be two numbers:

    8. Highway signs are really, really, really huge:

    9. There's not only a place that claims the longest hallway in America, there's also a plaque commemorating it:

    10. Platinum is really, really, really expensive:

    11. The American food section in a European grocery store is...interesting:

    12. And this is what "American Candy" is:

    13. Blueberries can be bigberries:

    14. Pineapples can be just casually grown like this:

    15. Toblerones... well, they can be huge:

    16. Corner pianos are real things that exist in space and time:

    17. Fanta in the USA and Fanta in the UK could not be more different:

    18. Someone tried to make circular playing cards happen but they most definitely did not happen:

    19. This is what the inside of a garbage truck looks like:

    20. Meat vending machines exist:

    21. Mosquito bites can make a tattoo enter the third dimension:

    22. Peeled fruit makes me very, very uncomfortable:

    23. The inside of an air mattress is sort of unsettling yet strangely beautiful:

    24. Horizontally sliced bread not only exists, you can buy it:

    25. There are six packs with cardboard packaging instead of plastic:

    26. This is what happens to colored pencils after termites get to them:

    27. And you can make a perfect circle with LEGOs:


    28. Some really old pianos have built-in candle holders:

    29. Vodka does wonders on your dirty little driveway:

    30. Big ol' sticks of pasta can be used as straws:

    31. Some hotels in Iceland have Northern Lights-specific wake-up calls:

    32. Old cellular telephones used to have a peripheral for texting:

    33. Ants, when putting their powerful ant strength together, can lift a glove up a pole:

    34. Water can do this to a bunch of bricks:

    35. And, finally, under the right (or wrong) conditions, a lemon can look a lot like a big ol' yellow carrot:

    Wow. What a wonderful world.