20 Extremely Dumb People Who Somehow Breathe The Exact Same Air You Do

    These people really exist.

    1. On dinosaurs:

    tweet reading if dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago then why is the earth 2021 years old

    2. On water:

    tweet reading if my body is 60 percent water why don't i evaporate

    3. On mammals:

    facebook post about a person who says humans aren't mammals

    4. On masks:

    anti-mask post of someone who says they increase co2 levels

    5. On the vastness of space:

    facebook post of someone who says the sun is not 93 million miles away because the sun is big in the sky

    6. On credit cards:

    someone giving away their credit card number on twitter

    7. On the Earth:

    tweet reading why doesnt the earth fall down how can it just float in one place all the time lol science doesnt make sense

    8. On electricity:

    facebook post of someone trying to put an outlet cover on backwards

    9. On the solar system:

    tweet reading i just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out which planet in our solar system starts with the letter e only to remember it was earth

    10. On mechanics:

    guy putting vegetable oil into his engine

    11. On... tooters:

    someone spelling tutors as tooters

    12. On statues:

    tweet reading we have the statue of liberty and all you have it is the eiffel tower pretty sure we win hashtag americans vs british

    13. On NASA:

    picture of the someone thinking they take the sun down for maintanance

    14. On America:

    tweet reading goodbye america hello new york

    15. On cows:

    facebook post reading can you buy cows milk abroad

    16. On Airpods:

    someone trying to sell wireless airpods but they just cut the wire

    17. On pirates:

    facebook post reading omg as if i have just found out that pirates are acsually real

    18. On measurements:

    twee treading since when ini measuring do you start with 0

    19. On the sun:

    picture of the sun burning and the person is like how can it burn in space without oxygen

    20. And on books:

    facebook post reading book reading are ever reading and never coming to true knowledge reading books makes you dumber