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    19 Reasons Why You Should Never, EVER Let Anyone Use Your Headphones

    Think before you lend!

    1. Is this what you want?

    2. How's this look to you?

    3. Does this look okay?

    4. Horrifying:

    5. What kind of monster lets this happen?

    6. What kind of ANIMAL?

    7. Imagine someone gave you your headphones back like this?

    8. Or this?

    9. Or, saints preserve us, THIS???

    10. How you holding up?

    11. Doing okay?

    12. Still with me?

    13. Imagine wearing these.

    14. What even IS THIS???

    15. Whose ears have these been in?

    16. How does this even happen?

    17. Imagine sticking these in your ear after handing them to a friend.

    18. Imagine taking these out of your ears and seeing this:

    19. Never let anyone borrow your headphones: