18 People Who Are Having A Way, Way, Wayyyy Worse Christmas Than You

    All I want for Christmas is OOF.

    If you're having a bad Christmas season, just remember...

    1. The person whose tree shed juuuuuust a little bit:

    2. The person who just learned what drywall was today:

    3. The person who will never open an envelope like this again:

    4. The person whose tree had a little too much to drink:

    5. The person who got the greatest gift of all from their dog:

    6. The person who got a few extra friends with their tree:

    7. The person who had Christmas breakfast blow up:

    8. The person whose dog wanted to get in on the Christmas spirit:

    9. The person who received a bunch of single ply toilet paper instead of their gift:

    10. The OTHER person who learned what drywall was while trying to get the tree:

    11. The person whose kid added a little extra flair to their Christmas jacket:

    12. The person with the sickliest tree in existence: 

    13. The person who was kind enough to give their driveway a present:

    14. The person who got their kid the greatest stocking stuffer of all: a tiny l'il thing of soap:

    15. The person who literally tried to cremate their tree:

    16. The person who was betrayed by chocolate:

    17. The person who ran over their gift:

    18. And the person who got to experience one of the greatest joys - a Wii remote smashing into a TV:

    Tale as old as time.