25 Pictures That Are Too Real If You're Slightly Obsessed With Christmas

    It's never too early to be excited for Christmas.

    1. When you're truly obsessed with Christmas, you know it's never too early to put up the tree:

    2. Because once summer is over, it's basically Christmas:

    3. Actually, once Christmas is over it's basically Christmas:

    4. You're way too familiar with the transformation after Thanksgiving:

    5. Where your entire personality begins to change...

    6. And you become CHRISTMAS AF.

    7. You start counting down the days as early as you can count:

    8. Because it's never too early for Christmas music:


    10. Because once it's December...

    11. IT'S TIME.

    12. Your playlists start to look like this:

    13. Your Friday nights start to look like THIS:

    14. And your face starts to look like this:

    15. When someone asks you if you're excited? You've got the perfect answer:

    16. You start dreaming of those warm, warm socks:

    17. And all the presents you're going to get everyone:

    18. Even if you have school or work:

    19. Or just have a million things to do until Christmas...

    20. Or even if the rest of the year was just plain rough...

    21. Nothing can bother you:

    22. You just throw on some Mariah...

    23. Jam out a little too hard to Feliz Navidad...

    24. Get ready for Michael Buble to emerge from his cave...

    25. And start thinking about how you can become EVEN MORE OBSESSED WITH CHRISTMAS: