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20 Pictures That Prove Kids Are Absolutely Ruthless

They're just too real.

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1. They cut to the core:

2. They're far too observant:

3. They're too accurate:

4. They know too much:


5. They're always snitchin':

6. They worship strange gods:

7. They're knife crazy:

8. They know something we don't know:


9. They're mean to Tony:

10. They may or may not be serial killers:

11. They're their own amateur casting directors:

12. They give awful career advice:


13. They're too well-versed in the English language:

14. They have great comedic timing:

15. They devour the unborn:

16. They get revenge:


17. They get way too real:

18. They're like a bunch of little Gordon Ramsays:

19. They're far too judgy:

20. And their insults are way too powerful: