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28 Things Literally Everyone Experienced As A Kid But Never, Ever Talks About

Were you really a kid if you didn't do these things?

1. Developed a "smoking" habit:

2. Got absolutely wasted:

3. Drew hair exactly like this:

4. Tried your best to defeat science:

5. Became a superhero:

6. Clipped your mouth shut for some reason:

7. Stabbed the life out of an eraser:

8. Began a long career as a chemist:

9. Felt that deep watermelon seed regret:

10. Raced raindrops:

11. Felt like the highest of high society:

12. Played dead:

13. Pretended to have pool powers:

14. Took tons of bottle cap shots:

15. Ate macaroni like a cultured human:

16. Made an old paper towel roll the best toy:

17. Starred in Fast & Furious: Grocery Store Drift:

18. Ran your hand along the wall exactly like this:

19. Pulled as many coupons as you could get your hands on:

20. Ate a truly wild meal:

21. Made the mad dash upstairs:

22. Probably like this:

23. Felt like a technological wizard:

24. Hugged the wrong mom:

25. Kept an eye open for demons:

26. Did everything in your power to avoid a phone call:

27. Tried to push 'em all down:

28. And fell for this exact joke: