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    22 Things That You Definitely Injured Yourself On As A Kid

    They just hurt to look at.

    If you grew up sometime in the last 30 years, chances are you...

    1. Had your shins destroyed by these:

    2. And had your ankles destroyed by these:

    3. Shocked the hell out of your finger on this:

    4. Received second degree burns from this:

    5. Smashed your fingers underneath this:

    6. Did permanent damage to your feet because of these:

    7. Were severely injured at your grandma's house by this:

    8. Still have bruises on your thumb from this:

    9. Can still picture what getting hit in the head by this felt like:

    10. Rolled your ankle on one of these:

    11. Still have marks on your heel from these:

    12. Still have welts on your body from these:

    13. Flattened your fingers carrying one of these:

    14. Still have to look down to make sure you don't step on one of these toe destroyers:

    15. Have burns on your fingers from a toy oven:

    16. Still remember getting your fingers pinched in this exact jump rope:

    17. Had one of these pieces jammed into your foot:

    18. Wacked the hell out of your ankle skipping with one of these:

    19. Got hit in the eye by the seams on one of these:

    20. Still remember stepping on one of these:

    21. Got your hair caught going down one of these slides:

    22. And still have cuts on the side of your mouth from eating these:

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