50 Pictures That Look Just Like Your Childhood

You know the drill.

1. The LIE that was “anti-skip” technology:

2. Your personal bank account:

3. The world’s most helpful road map:

4. Losing flavor in about 7 seconds:

5. The tools to become a master painter:

7. The maddest minute there ever was:

8. Seeing this right before the show starts:


10. Rolling around town on these stylin’ skates:

11. Getting addicted to sniffing these:

12. Staying home sick with Bob:

13. Brownies from another universe:


16. Choking yourself via necklace:

17. The advice of the wisest man who ever lived:

19. Balancing your bird:

20. Sliding down this at Discovery Zone:

21. Terrifying Gusher commercials:

22. The best mouse-riding-a-motorcycle-themed book ever:

23. Playing with the lil’ ball:

24. Popping one of these orange bad boys in the VCR:

25. See-through everything for absolutely no reason:

26. Stepping on one of these:

27. A day more special than your birthday:

28. “Water go down the hole.”


29. The program that turned you into a master painter:

30. Little gold books:

31. Knowing shit was about to go down on Disney Channel after this:

32. The tallest cheese structure ever built, the Leaning Tower of Cheeza:


33. This fish:

34. These tongue destroyers:

35. The saddest scene in any movie:

36. Book fair day, the best day at school:

37. This game in dentist offices:

38. The ONLY way to eat cereal that matters:

39. Your own personal bat-symbol:

40. The only books anyone needs in their collection:

43. These plates that made everything taste just a litttttttle better:

44. The only way to carry your Halloween candy in style:

45. This classic:

46. Pizza Hut cups:

47. Chowin’ down on some sharks:

48. The only toy that mattered:

49. Dying of dysentery:

50. And being pretty sure that this was how your life was going to play out:

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