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    Mar 27, 2020

    22 Pictures People Without Siblings Can Never, Ever Understand

    For better or worse.

    1. It helps you be ready for anything:

    2. It keeps you on your toes:

    3. It makes you a master of insults:

    4. It makes you a wonderful secret-keeper:

    5. It makes you appreciative of what you have:

    6. It lets you see your parents in an entirely different light:

    7. It makes you think about what you've done:

    8. It makes you very aware of other people's personal space:

    9. It teaches you how to make a deal:

    10. It teaches you how to fight fairly:

    if any only children have ever wondered what it's like to have siblings, I just passed two little kids in their yard "sword" fighting, and the younger sibling had a branch, and the older sibling had an entire shovel. It's just that for your whole life

    11. It really helps your running speed:

    12. It teaches you how to say you're sorry:

    13. Like, a master of the apology:

    14. It lets you learn about your family history:

    Twitter: @itskyllle

    Not that there's anything wrong with that!

    15. It makes you invent new holidays:

    we really should make "oldest kid in the family day" where we all celebrate the oldest kids and thank them for taking one for the team and letting their parents use them as guinea pigs when it comes to parenting. you're the real mvps.

    16. It teaches you how to have great conversation:

    17. It toughens you up:

    18. And teaches you how to win a fight:

    19. It teaches you how to love:

    20. It makes you a very analytical person:

    21. It makes you appreciate the value of a dollar:


    22. Oh, and it never ends:

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