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28 Things Every Person Hates That They Do But Does Anyway

Can't help it.

1. Every person has done the cup walk of shame:

2. Become the over the shoulder anti-scroll patrol:

3. Told the "I'll be right there" lie:

4. And done the "THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER READ" routine:

5. Every person has tried to play literally every instrument imaginable in air form:

6. And tried to sing every part:

7. Every person has shopped exactly like this:

8. And for some reason thought 5 stars can't be trusted:

9. Every person has traveled through space and time:

10. Wondered why they're tired when they know the real answer:

11. Leaned back too far:

12. And done the "I'm really thinking about this" face:

13. Every person has spent way too long in the shower:

14. And used WAY MORE than a dime:

15. And every person has experienced the fear:

16. Every person has packed like this:

17. And got ready like this:

18. And they've definitely used the chair before:

19. Every person has become the Replacement King:

20. Ate one fruit and felt invincible:

21. And every person has told way too much way too quickly:

22. Every person has needed that minute to survive:

23. Or felt this suspicion:

24. Or woken up for no good reason thinking about something that happened on a Tuesday at 11:21 a.m. years ago:

25. Every person has had this Friday night:

26. Or this Saturday morning:

27. Everyone has mocked their parents before:

28. And their co-workers too:

And, finally, every person has laughed exactly like this:

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