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    17 Things That Will Drive You Absolutely Insane

    RIP you.

    1. First things first:

    2. Now can you please do this?


    3. Thanks. Now you are now manually blinking.

    4. And are now aware that your toes are always touching each other.

    5. And that you can always feel clothes touching your body.

    6. In fact, something is ALWAYS touching you. Always.

    7. Oh, by the way... you are now manually breathing.

    8. You are now aware that there is no comfortable place to put your tongue in your mouth.

    9. And that your jaw has weight and you always have to keep it closed.

    10. You sure are producing a lot of saliva right now.

    11. Just know that every time you swallow you hear a little crackle.

    12. You haven't cleared your throat in a while, have you?

    13. Wait... feel that? Somewhere on your body is itching.

    14. Guess what? You can't imagine a new color.

    15. And your nose is always in your line of sight.

    16. Oh, and you are now aware that your earlobes are lined up with your nipples.

    17. One last thing: You now have "The Final Countdown" stuck in your head.