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Can You Guess Who These Frosted Tips Belong To?

This is the most important game you will EVER play.

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#1: There are no rules!

#2: Match the frosted tips below with the celeb who's wearing them!



This rising star might just have gotten his hair inspiration from his equally famous brother. He's currently taking the world by storm with his "sweet" hit single. Who is it?!



These awesome frosted tips are the signature style of this controversial rapper. He's taken the world by storm with his daring rhymes and his penchant for introducing himself. Who is it?!



This Southern boy has some of the fiercest 'tips in the biz. Him and his band have burst onto the scene with some of the best, most heartfelt songs of the decade. He likes partying and Michelle Pfeiffer. Who is it?!


The youngest member of his "larger than life" group, this frosted fellah also goes by Messy Marvin, Charlie Brown, and Nickles. Here's a big hint: he's got a brother! Who is it?!


These frosted tips take their residence on a cool cat who's nickname is "Scoop" and who is the baby of his widely popular music group. The big question on everybody's mind is who will be the lucky girl to date him. He enjoys jet-skiing, Mad About You and astronauts. Who is it?!

How did you do?

1-6: You are a casual fan, maybe not that into high fashion or cool haircuts, but still interested. Study up!

7-11: You know your stuff. You might even have some tips yourself! Keep up the good work.

12-17: WOW! You rule! You obviously are a master and a force to be reckoned with. Pat yourself on the back and give your frosted tips a nice combover.=


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