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26 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Burn The Internet To The Ground


1. The creation of this new month:

2. Barry's hatchet:

3. This lost 710:

4. Roy's pants:

5. This obituary:

6. These couple of A Holes:

7. This really great question:

8. The life and times of Rosetta Stone:

9. This really great, not crazy at all, question:

10. The oddtopsee to end all oddtopsees:

11. This fun fact:

12. Hammy's downs:

13. This devastating lack of comma:

14. This guy discovering the wonders of old age:

15. This distinguished extinguisher:

16. This attempt at a new desktop background:

17. This ad for sex education in schools:

18. This amateur meteorologist:

19. These inquiries:

20. This parent logic:

21. This affliction:

22. This very interesting schedule:

23. A little bit of manors:

24. This tattoo:

25. The perfect summer selfie:

26. And this perfectly reasonable argument:

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