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32 Times Old People Completely Ruled The Internet In 2017

The only good people on the internet, IMO.

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1. When grandpa made his feelings known:

2. Grandma's loving words:

3. Sheila's answer:

4. Grandma's longitudinal emergency:

5. Charlie's apes:

6. Grandma's googles:

7. The Adventures of Carl:

8. Bubger King:

9. Important texts:

10. DCB vs Walmart:

11. Jean's interesting question:

12. Sharon's favorite emoji:

13. Ruth's health troubles:

14. Mom's baby girl:

15. GET WET:

16. Personal problems:

17. Dad vs Siri:

18. The world's most important Facebook post:

19. Grandma's bowl:

20. The world's greatest story:

21. CNN's grandson:


22. Homemade imojis:

23. Grandma's favorite pasttime:

24. Grandma sharing a little too much:

25. Subway's secrets:


27. Grandma's comeback:

28. The Judith Ward drama:

29. Grandma's wild twist turns::

30. When Nancy predicted the future:

31. Apple sauce prices:

32. And, finally, the sweetest interaction in internet history:

That's the way it should be.

That's the way it should be.

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