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    Cicadas Are Finally Emerging After 17 Years And You Need To See It To Believe It

    Thanks, I hate it.

    So, in case you didn't know, there are currently billions of cicadas emerging from beneath the ground after 17 years all over the midwest and east coast.

    This particular crop of cicadas is known as Brood X, and they're ready to scream their little hearts out and just generally be everywhere. Now, it's important to note that these big ol' bugs are harmless to humans and apparently make a great snack.

    So what does it look like when billions of cicadas that have been chillin' underground since 2004 start to emerge? Well...

    1. It looks a lot like this:

    Cicada watch 2021: All outdoor runs are canceled until further notice

    Twitter: @LizCinciBiz

    2. Their shells are everywhere:

    Cicada content! Check out base of tree. #broodx #cicadas

    Twitter: @KTKNichols

    3. I mean, EVERYWHERE:

    People who live in non-infested cicada lands: It can't be that bad. My front yard:

    Twitter: @SashMoon83

    4. Cicadas are in parking lots:

    Twitter: @_thatMDgirl

    5. In bushes:

    Twitter: @jockamo3

    6. On sidewalks:

    My dad sent me this photo from Maryland. Yes, those are all cicadas. Yes, I will not be coming home until they all go back underground.

    Twitter: @aSashaJones

    7. Telephone poles:

    Twitter: @HMcdoolittle

    8. Car tires:

    And they keep coming and coming #cicadas #cicadas2021 #CicadaBroodX @nbcwashington @dougkammerer #BroodX

    Twitter: @bforte22

    9. You name it:

    So we moved just in time for Brood X to haunt my wife’s nightmares

    Twitter: @SaladZombie

    10. They're covering chairs:

    11. They're terrifying the children:

    Fairfax, VA. This is intense. 2yo won’t play outside, he just stands in one spot and yells “I have cicada trouble!!!” 😱 @capitalweather

    Twitter: @BethanyAdamec

    12. Leaving two feet deep piles of their sheddings:

    What does a pile two feet deep of #cicada look like you ask? #CicadaBroodX #CicadaWatch2021

    Twitter: @mscholesyoung

    13. You can't walk without crunchin' them:

    More #cicadas2021 - can't go for a walk without crunching a bunch of cicada shells.

    Twitter: @geocruizer

    14. They're leaving totally not-upsetting underground paths:

    15. Nope, not upsetting at all:

    16. It's wild:

    Cicada carcases. Lots of them. #CicadaWatch2021

    Twitter: @mamund

    17. I mean, YEESH!

    I miss concerts, but it’s going to be a LOUD summer! #cicadas #CicadaWatch2021 #cicadapocalypse

    Twitter: @ThatJohnnyKguy

    18. Look at this!

    Cicadas are taking over around my house!

    Twitter: @ksandlin10k

    19. Unbelievable:

    Cicadas are literally piling up in my yard!

    Twitter: @holytoastr

    20. I have chills:

    Yeah... we have a few #cicadas up here in Silver Spring MD. #BroodX

    Twitter: @ec0p0lis

    21. No thanks!

    @CyrusMMcQueen I need to show photos. Under the trees in MD are layers of cicada corpses 2-3 inches thick. No need to clean up, makes for a good mulch. (Pics are two trees in my Wheaton -Aspen Hill neighborhood just now)

    Twitter: @galaxiou

    I think I'll just stay inside for the next month or two.