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The 8 Best Movies To Watch When You're Netflix And Chilling

I think we all know what I mean. ;)

Netflix and chill: if you don't know what it is, then it's safe to say you're out of touch. Well, prepare to be in touch and also touching.

Let's just say after watching these, you're guaranteed to have NO CHILL in your night... if you catch my drift. Let's get down to business. ;)

1. Ken Burns' Baseball, part one: "1st Inning - Our Game"


Ken Burns' epic 18-hour series Baseball may seem daunting at first, but after a few minutes of part one, or, as Ken calls it, "inning one," you'll be hooked. The first inning gives a great overview of how the game came to be and covers some of the earliest milestones in America's game. A must for any baseball fan.

2. Ken Burns’ Baseball, part two: “2nd Inning - Something Like a War”


In part two, or, as Ken calls it, “inning two,” of his epic 18-hour documentary series Baseball, Ken covers the seeds being planted to form the league that we know and love today. Featured prominently are legends and household names Christy Mathewson and Ty Cobb. A must for any baseball fan.

3. Ken Burns’ Baseball, part four: “4th Inning - A National Heirloom”


Hot dogs, fireworks, Babe Ruth. Can you think of anything more American? Part four (or, as Ken calls it, “inning four”) of Ken Burns’ epic 18-hour-long Ken Burns' Baseball documentary series features the great Bambino himself: That's right, Babe Ruth. Not sure who I’m talking about? Well, just saddle up and watch this “inning.” A must for any baseball fan.

4. Ken Burns’ Baseball, part six: “7th Inning - The Capital of Baseball”


“PEANUTS!!! CRACKER JACKS!!! I'M WALKIN' HERE!!!!!!” Big lights — big city. Part seven, or, as Ken calls it, “inning seven,” covers the “capital” of baseball: New York. Check out all the classic New York teams — the Dodgers, Giants, and Yanks (Yankees). A must for any baseball fan.

5. Mud

McConaughey is back, baby! In this 2012 bildungsroman, Matt plays (or, rather, becomes) a man who talks to some children from time to time. This is really the beginning of what we are truly in the middle of — the McCannaissance! A must for any McConaughey fan.

6. Ken Burns’ Baseball, part three: “3rd Inning - The Faith of Fifty Million People”


I haven’t seen this part (or, as Ken calls it, “inning”), but my priest said it was good. A must for any baseball fan.

7. Ken Burns’ Jazz, part 8: “Risk”


Louis — Dave — Miles — Ella — Thelonious. All the greats are represented here. In part eight, or, as Ken calls it, “inning eight” of his epic series Jazz, Ken details the exploits of all the greats. Let’s just say one thing — you’ll have a beboppin’ good time! A must for any baseball fan.

8. Ken Burns’ Baseball, part six: “6th Inning - The National Pastime”


Change finally comes to America’s game and also hopefully your pants in part five, or, as Ken calls it, “inning five,” of Ken Burn’s epic 18-hour documentary series Baseball. World War II, the Great Depression, and, yup, the man known far and wide across the Baseball world: Jackie Robinson. A must for any baseball fan.

BONUS! Ken Burns’ Baseball, part 10: “10th Inning - The Tenth Inning”


Just when you thought he was done, Ken goes and brings another part, or, as he calls it, “inning,” out from left field. Part 10 is actually two parts, totaling four hours, making it the perfect companion piece to the four hours you'll be apologizing and saying "that doesn't usually happen." A must for any baseball fan.

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