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    115 Very Good Comebacks You Wish You Could've Come Up With

    Oooohhh, burrnnnn.

    Ever have those moments when you just can't come up with a comeback? Not just any comeback, like a good comeback. Yeah, same. Well, we rounded up the wittiest comebacks that Twitter and Reddit had to offer to inspire you the next time you need someone to feel the burn! Scroll for some absolutely blistering burns.

    1. This timely Twitter takedown:

    2. This burn that came with a side of fries:

    3. This burn hot off the Hooters plate:

    4. This presidential putting-in-place:

    Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis

    5. This response that probably took that person’s ego down a notch:

    6. This difference in perspectives:

    7. This award-winning line:

    Is that why, after he left, it lasted for 4 more years and I won an Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy?

    Twitter: @MrJonCryer

    8. This generational burn:

    my daughter was wearing a flannel hoodie so I said “hey, the 90’s called” and she replied “yeah cause they couldn’t text” and godDAMMIT I’m getting really tired of my kids owning me

    Twitter: @GrantTanaka

    9. This response that's worth a million bucks:

    10. This detail-oriented mic drop:

    11. This arithmetically accurate callout:

    12. This animated response:

    shrek grossed 484 million just so we’re clear

    Twitter: @TheAccountOfSam

    13. This COVID-era comeback:

    14. These subtle slights:

    15. This reminder that we all have different standards:

    16. This smooth burn:

    17. This textbook comeback:

    18. This distinction in demises:

    19. This tweet that is all too relatable:

    20. This very appropriate reference:

    21. This math-forward myth buster:

    22. This linguistic lash-out:

    A lady just came up to me and said “Speak English, we are in San Diego.” So I politely responded by asking her “how do I say ‘San Diego’ in English?” The look of bewilderment on her face made it feel like a Friday.

    Twitter: @ArtyCurry

    23. This mind-blowing discovery:

    24. This thread that got real, real fast:

    25. This response that came full circle:

    26. This comeback that points out there is no Pokémon Go Outside:

    27. This mother of all burns:

    My parents are replacing their coffee machine, which is 7 years old. Me: that’s not that old, I have sheets older than that. Mother: well perhaps your sheets aren’t getting as much action as our coffee machine. I’m going to need an ambulance.

    Twitter: @callapilla

    28. This historically epic exchange:

    29. This burn of biblical proportions:

    30. This response that is just hilarious:

    31. This patriotic mix-up:

    32. This colossal comeback:

    33. This bear-ly endurable burn:

    34. This simple *roast*:

    35. This potentially market-changing remark:

    Make smaller sizes

    Twitter: @ennwhee

    36. This literal burn:

    37. This exchange that antagonizes an animal:

    38. This comment that brought the people together:

    39. This deliciously clever response:

    40. This decadent debate:

    41. This (un)fortunate response:

    42. This comeback, coming for your childhood:

    43. This epic exchange:

    44. This beautifully accented burn:

    45. This thread that totally applies logic:

    46. This relatable retort that is making you check your phone right now:

    47. This response, in the name of defending animal mascots:

    48. This crush-ing comeback:

    49. This multilayered response:

    50. This response that is just good math:

    51. This comeback that is Sheer(an) genius:

    52. This thread, with a scrumptious spellcheck:

    53. This burn of many sizes:

    54. This response by a user now taking personal requests:

    55. This burn that keeps on burning:

    56. This electrifying burn:

    57. This horrifyingly accurate comeback:

    58. This response that is just a good life lesson:

    59. This response, rich in good points:

    60. This burn that probably ruffled someone's feathers:

    61. This comeback that speaks for a generation:

    62. This unequivocal burn that points out systemic inequality:

    63. This burn, baby, burn:

    64. This burn filled with internet-era irony:

    65. This *sick* burn:

    my asian ass been eating leftover rice n dishes made by my mom, im doing just fine fam. dont bullshit

    Twitter: @axzrule

    66. This comeback that shows the importance of those magic words:

    67. This apocalyptically epic comeback:

    68. This remark with a religious exemption:

    69. This comeback that probably will cause him to wear masks again:

    70. This god-awful burn:

    71. This comeback that will make someone get their vision checked:

    72. This burn that cites history as its witness:

    73. This record-breaking response:

    74. This comeback by a consent hero:

    75. This burn by a bookworm:

    76. This subtle burn to a competitor — we definitely don't know which one:

    77. This callout that should go *viral*:

    78. This response that puts pets first:

    79. This burn that doesn't require a calculator:

    80. This good Christian comeback:

    81. This response that got personal:

    82. This spirited comeback:

    83. This eye-for-an-eye exchange:

    84. This response for the win:

    Bit rich coming from a club that hasn't delivered since 1992...

    Twitter: @pizzahutuk

    85. This very well-earned burn:

    86. This response that rained on someone's parade:

    87. This response is just so simple, yet brilliant:

    88. This response that shouldn't need to be said:

    @d__rob12 Just following the guidelines advised by the organization made up of individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to studying diseases and how to control and prevent them. I promise they know more than you.

    Twitter: @I_AM_WILDCAT

    89. This more-than-fair comeback:

    90. This hilarious response:

    91. This Whitney quip:

    92. This response that was just electric:

    93. This burn that honestly kind of makes you hungry for Wendy's:

    94. This unchivalrous comeback:

    95. This reaction that will make you want to brush up on some light reading:

    96. This bookish burn:

    97. This response that begs one to pardon her French:

    98. This honest comeback:

    Walmart: can you please stop stealing from us?: Me: no 🥺 😎 👉👈 💪🥋🤙 👖 /🍆\ 👞🧦 👟 👟

    Twitter: @chaselyons

    99. This very-much-needed reply:

    100. This really rude retort:

    101. This thread that puts everyone in their place:

    102. This burn that is extremely relatable:

    103. This cringeworthy comeback:

    Twitter: @difficultdean

    104. This response with a strategy:

    105. This thread with artistic flair:

    106. This unmasked gem of a response:

    107. This burn that got appropriately personal:

    108. This burn that includes a Bunsen burner:

    109. This child-size comeback that packs a punch:

    110. This response that points to a historic problem:

    @IndieWire Nothing more appropriate to honor the Jurassic Park legacy than opening before you should

    Universal Pictures

    111. This comeback that makes you think:

    112. This burn that deserves a chef's kiss:

    113. This delicious McComeback:

    it was 1997 i was outside McDonald's on Queen St age 15, an old lady barked "speak English" at a pair of young Korean men and without missing a beat one of them goes "OOooo i want a nice cup of TEA look at ME I'm ENGLISH i want to eat PLAIN TOAST" i miss him every single day

    Twitter: @Ahhmandah

    114. This brutal burn:

    115. This comeback that proves mothers do know best:

    Mom 2 seconds after giving me a task

    Twitter: @poisonaavi

    This article contains content from Dave Stopera, Mike Spohr, Cates Holderness, Tessa Fahey, Daniella Emanuel, and Andy Golder. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.