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    115 Very Good Comebacks You Wish You Could've Come Up With

    Oooohhh, burrnnnn.

    Ever have those moments when you just can't come up with a comeback? Not just any comeback — a really, really good comeback. Yeah, same.

    So we rounded up the wittiest comebacks that Twitter and Reddit had to offer. And let me tell ya: These are some absolutely blistering burns. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for the next time you want to knock someone down a peg, maybe not. Either way, I can guarantee you'll be feeling the heat.

    1. This timely Twitter takedown:

    2. This burn that came with a side of fries:

    3. This burn hot off the Hooters plate:

    4. This presidential putting-in-place:

    Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis

    5. This response that probably took that person’s ego down a notch:

    6. This difference in perspectives:

    7. This award-winning line:

    Is that why, after he left, it lasted for 4 more years and I won an Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy?

    Twitter: @MrJonCryer

    8. This generational burn:

    my daughter was wearing a flannel hoodie so I said “hey, the 90’s called” and she replied “yeah cause they couldn’t text” and godDAMMIT I’m getting really tired of my kids owning me

    Twitter: @GrantTanaka

    9. This response that's worth a million bucks:

    10. This detail-oriented mic drop:

    11. This arithmetically accurate callout:

    12. This animated response:

    shrek grossed 484 million just so we’re clear

    Twitter: @TheAccountOfSam

    13. This COVID-era comeback:

    14. These subtle slights:

    15. This reminder that we all have different standards:

    16. This smooth burn:

    17. This textbook comeback:

    18. This distinction in demises:

    19. This tweet that is all too relatable:

    20. This very appropriate reference:

    21. This math-forward myth buster:

    22. This linguistic lash-out:

    A lady just came up to me and said “Speak English, we are in San Diego.” So I politely responded by asking her “how do I say ‘San Diego’ in English?” The look of bewilderment on her face made it feel like a Friday.

    Twitter: @ArtyCurry

    23. This mind-blowing discovery:

    24. This thread that got real, real fast:

    25. This response that came full circle:

    26. This comeback that points out there is no Pokémon Go Outside:

    27. This mother of all burns:

    My parents are replacing their coffee machine, which is 7 years old. Me: that’s not that old, I have sheets older than that. Mother: well perhaps your sheets aren’t getting as much action as our coffee machine. I’m going to need an ambulance.

    Twitter: @callapilla

    28. This historically epic exchange:

    29. This burn of biblical proportions:

    30. This response that is just hilarious:

    31. This patriotic mix-up:

    32. This colossal comeback:

    33. This bear-ly endurable burn:

    34. This simple *roast*:

    35. This potentially market-changing remark:

    Make smaller sizes

    Twitter: @ennwhee

    36. This literal burn:

    37. This exchange that antagonizes an animal:

    38. This comment that brought the people together:

    39. This deliciously clever response:

    40. This decadent debate:

    41. This (un)fortunate response:

    42. This comeback, coming for your childhood:

    43. This epic exchange:

    44. This beautifully accented burn:

    45. This thread that totally applies logic:

    46. This relatable retort that is making you check your phone right now:

    47. This response, in the name of defending animal mascots:

    48. This crush-ing comeback:

    49. This multilayered response:

    50. This response that is just good math:

    51. This comeback that is Sheer(an) genius:

    52. This thread, with a scrumptious spellcheck:

    53. This burn of many sizes:

    54. This response by a user now taking personal requests:

    55. This burn that keeps on burning: