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18 Times A Robot Was You When You're Drunk

You've never realized it 'til now.

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1. They know how to make an entrance:

2. They're always making a mess:

3. Stairs are their worst enemy:

4. They can have trouble just standing:

5. They can have a little trouble getting home:


6. They get the spins:

7. Balance can be a problem:

DARPA Robotics

8. Like, a really big problem:

DARPA Robotics

9. They're always getting stuck in places:

10. The simplest task can be the most complicated:

11. They're always... expelling... a lot of stuff:

12. They're master chefs:

13. They always eat violently at 3AM:

14. They're easily agitated:

15. Like, really easily:

16. They're always doing things the hard way for no reason:

17. They're always engaging in self-destructive behavior:

18. But, in the end, they're just trying to do their best.

It's ok, bomby.
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It's ok, bomby.

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