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"Beans Memes" Is The Only Twitter Account That Actually Matters

In a sea of Twitter accounts, there is but one island paradise: That, my friend, is Beans Memes.

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You wake up covered in sweat from a terrible dream. Glancing at the clock on the nightstand, you notice it's 3:33 — three hours before you have to wake up for work at the plant.

You dreamed of a world not unlike our own, a world seemingly devoid of good tweets. One without hope, without promise. Out of sheer desperation you open your Dell and discover something that will change how you see yourself and this planet we call home:

Only at Beans Memes can you find Barack Obeansa:


Avril Labeans:

And Childish Gambeano:

Beans Memes a world filled with Beans Girls:

With Taylor Beans:

booooys only want beans if it's torture


And, of course, Nickelbeans:

Beans Memes answers the question we've all been to afraid to ask: What would Adele look like as Beans?

What about Pitbeans?

And, of course, Paula Beans:


Imagine a world with Beans Fieri:

With Beanz in the trap:

A world with Backstreet Beans:

Donald Beans:

And Queen Elizabeans:

Imagine it. Because with Beans Memes, he'll beans there for you.