18 Poor Souls Who Had A Way, Way, Wayyyyy Worse Week Than You

    One re-do, please.

    If you had a rough week, just think about...

    1. The person who miiiiight have damaged this ring a bit:

    2. The person who is about to find out EXACTLY what scent of shampoo this other traveler uses:

    3. The person who had the very rare double snap happen to them:

    4. The person who just has to give up and put the ice cream back now:

    5. The person responsible for the Great Chocolate Milk spill:

    6. The person who can never go home now:

    7. The person forever trapped by a bike:

    8. The person who should actually be thankful those bugs didn't go straight into their bare-face:

    9. The person with perhaps the most ripe bananas in existence: 

    10. The person who will never, ever get that ring back:

    11. The proud owner of a wAvY vInYl:

    12. The person who got a Hole-in-Toilet with their toothbrush:

    13. The person who has to deal with this mess:

    14. The person whose pencil might as well be named Waldo:

    15. The person who found out the hard way why Bills fans use these tables:

    16. The person who just started their raw food diet:

    17. The person who had to sit behind this other person all night:

    18. And the person who just made a bathroom buddy for life: