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21 People Who Are Having A Way, Way, Wayyyy Worse Start To The Year Than You Are

Maybe 2023 will be better.

If you're having a rough start to 2022, just remember...

1. The person who will henceforth be known as Ol' Spaghetti Shoe:

2. The person who is forever trapped upstairs:

3. The person who got a little extra treat with their lasagna:

4. The person who just invented spicy cinnamon rolls:

5. The person who is so close, yet so far from their phone:

6. The person who has the loneliest bag in the world:

7. The person who will get their ring back... eventually:

8. The person who was apparently cooking a liquid pizza:

9. The person who Hulk'd their door handle off:

10. The person with the coolest throne out there:

11. The person who will never be able to unsubscribe:

12. The person who had a bit of an explosion in their car:

13. The person who is about to have a very special bath:

14. The person who can never go back to the store:

15. The person who will never be able to use that drain again:

16. The person who will be cleaning up butter chicken 'til the end of time:

17. The person I will affectionately refer as Edward Zipperhands:

18. The person who had the time of their life at the opera:

19. The person with coffee EVERYWHERE:

20. The person forever trapped outside:

21. And, finally, anyone who has ever had to do their business like this: