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    22 People Who Are Having A Way, Way, Wayyyy Crappier Week Than You

    That's not what you want.

    If you're having a bad week, just remember...

    1. The person who is currently starring in Ratatouille 2:

    2. The person who was kind enough to share breakfast with the floor:

    3. The person who miiiight have a slight problem with their shower:

    4. The person whose dog apparently has it out for them:

    5. The person who hath angered the Scrabble Gods:

    6. The person who is about to make a friend for life:

    7. The person who will never not have a sticky kitchen:

    8. The person who made waffles from hell:

    9. The person who is looking back on all their accomplishments:

    10. The person whose damn shoes are fallin' apart:

    11. The person who got a little tasty treat with their food:

    12. The person who erased the dang world:

    13. The person who almost blew up their dang house:

    14. The person whose window is now full of frozen egg:

    15. The person who left a little treat for the next person pumping gas:

    16. The person who Hulk'd the dang faucet off:

    17. The person who will spend eternity cleaning beads:

    18. The person with some avant-garde stairs:

    19. The person who had a ticking time soda bomb in the back of their car:

    20. The person who might just be a bit cold now:

    21. The person who will never have a compact TP roll:

    22. And, finally, remember the people who have to deal with the person affectionately known as The Phantom Pisser: