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    19 Poor Souls Who Are Having A Way, Way, Wayyyyy Worse Day Than You Are

    These poor, poor souls.

    If you had a bad day, just remember:

    1. At least your package didn't take a nice little dip:

    2. At least your Roomba didn't betray you:

    3. At least you aren't surrounded by two very friendly feet:

    4. At least you didn't make this terrible mix-up:

    5. At least your car isn't 94% bubble tea:

    6. At least the universe isn't playing a terrible trick on you:

    7. At least your hammer didn't just go out and quit on you:

    8. At least a bird didn't do the bird-thing right on your sheets:

    9. At least you didn't get caught red-handed:

    10. At least you didn't watch the Quietest Place:

    person who tried to watch a quiet place but did not have the volume on

    11. At least your avocado isn't just one big pit:

    12. At least you didn't encounter a Q-Tip with a power level off the scales:

    13. At least this didn't happen to your car:

    person who put the wrong gas in their car and it broke down

    14. At least you didn't get a little extra protein in your pancake:

    15. At least your closest didn't take the big plunge:

    16. At least your bed isn't soaked with ice cold milk:

    person who tossed a glass of milk on their bed by mistake

    17. At least your toilet didn't become a crime scene after you dropped some NyQuil:

    18. At least your academic career didn't come to an end today:

    19. And, hey, at least you didn't pull a Diane: