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    20 People Who Definitely Regret Literally Every Damn Decision They Made This Week

    Far from the ideal situation.

    If you're having a tough day, just remember...

    1. The person who has to live next to Rave Gatsby:

    2. The person who loves birds very much, I am sure:

    3. The person who somehow made the world's biggest mess with a simple bowl of simple ravioli:

    4. The person who had the UNTHINKABLE happen to them:

    5. The person with the cleanest ten-spot around:

    6. Ol' Tiny Burger:

    7. The person who is forever trapped in what I like to affectionately refer to as "the Iron Paradise":

    8. The person who had their computer massacred:

    9. The world's worst Wordle player:

    10. The person who is now the proud owner of the world's first Door Couch:

    11. The person who is now part metal:

    12. The person who made this delicious pizza:

    13. The person who has to take their driving test in the middle of Stephen King's 1980 short story "The Mist":

    14. The person who also had the UNTHINKABLE happen:

    15. The person whose computer is now a memorial site:

    16. The person who added a little sweetness to their copy of what appears to be The Silmarillion:

    17. The person who managed to send their AirPods to the great toilet in the sky:

    18. The person whose washing machine just seems to have spontaneously combusted:

    19. The person who really put their education first:

    20. And Clint:

    Poor Clint.

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating and r/Wellthatsucks.