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    26 Tweets From 2021 That Are So Dumb They'll Make Your Head Spin From The Stupidity

    Wow. It all makes sense now.

    1. On 911:

    person asking if 911 started to exist after 9/11

    2. On time:

    person who does not understand time

    3. On Florida:

    person asking how long a drive from miami to florida is

    4. On true love:

    person confusing the word salad and the word salt

    5. On social security:

    person sharing their social security number

    6. On the media:

    person who says delta and omicron rearranged is media control

    7. On pregnancy:

    person who thinks twins take 19 months to be born

    8. On people:

    person who says humans can't be animals

    9. On Alaska:

    person who doesn't know alaska is in the usa

    10. On apps:

    person confusing appetizers with apps

    11. On math:

    Person who does not know what a greater than or equal to sign is or that a third pounder is bigger than a quarter pounder

    12. On dinosaurs:

    tweet reading if dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago then why isn't the earth 2021 years old

    13. On Scotland:

    person who thinks Scotland is not a country

    14. On Rome:

    tweet of someone asking if there's a Rome in Italy

    15. On water:

    tweet reading if my body is 60 percent water why don't i evaporate

    16. On Mount Everest:

    people who think mount everest is in the usa

    17. On cells:

    Person who says trust cells, not science

    18. On Halloween:

    tweet about halloween being friday the 13th

    19. On 2003:

    person who says people born in 2003 are 28

    20. On smart conversation:

    tweet reading i just wanna meet a female that can hold an enter lectual conversation with me

    21. On head injuries:

    tweet reading i ran into a glass door and think i might have a caucasian

    22. On joint pain:

    tweet reading my joints hurt i think i have arthur writes this

    23. On the universe:

    tweet reading anyone get a chance to see the meatier shower last night

    24. On France:

    person saying ifold tower instead of eiffel

    25. On Atlanta:

    person who thinks atlanta is atlanta spelled backwards

    26. And on employment:

    Person who says diseases and viruses are different things after someone asks if they forgot you had to be vaccinated to go to school