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21 People Who Definitely Regret Literally Every Decision They Made This Week

Well, that's unforunate.

If you’re having yourself a downright bad, no good, crappy time, just remember...

1. The world's worst Wordle player:

2. The person who made the world's worst mistake:

3. The person who apparently now lives under the sea:

4. The person who was kind enough to let their vacuum listen to some music:

5. The person with the world's chocolatetiest computer:

6. The person who will never be able to relax in the bath:

7. The person who is about to enjoy a nice meal of cooked glass:

8. The person who got a very special ingredient in their sandwich:

screw in a sandwich

9. The person who added a little extra FLAIR to their laundry:

10. The person who got a nice little personal text about the cheating:

11. The person who quite literally unlocked their door:

12. The person who now must take the world's longest receipt with them wherever they go:

13. The person who is about to make a friend for life on this flight:

14. Ol' Moldly Passport:

15. The person who accidentally bought one-use boots:

16. The person who has to deal with their pops free-steakin' it in the fridge:

17. The person who had a little accident in the back of their car:

18. The person who had to do the barefoot walk of disappointment:

19. Ol' Tiny Charger:

20. The person who cooked soup until the bitter end:

21. And the person with the world's toughest nut: