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    Updated on Jul 31, 2020. Posted on Jul 26, 2020

    19 Pictures People Who Are Good Students Will Never, Ever Understand

    Please help.

    1. The power of estimation:

    Calculator showing the number 126 next to a circled answer of 125

    2. Your life ethos:

    3. THE LOOK:

    Tweet reading the look you give your teacher during a test with a picture of Will Smith saying please help

    4. True confusion:

    Tweet reading i hated when teachers put question mark on graded work bitch idk what's going on either

    5. Keeping quiet:

    Woman with her hands on her head with a tweet reading when i finish an exam and all my friends are arguing whether the answer is 65 or 70 and i got -3

    6. The natural progression:

    Tumblr post reading getting 90 on a test in 6th grade okay great getting 90 on a test now tear of joy stream down my face

    7. Test confusion:

    Tweet reading when you in an exam and you see everyone using a ruler and you don't know what the ruler is for

    8. Setting goals:

    Tumblr post reading me i need to get an a on this test followed by me doesn't study

    9. These beautiful words:

    10. "I got it":

    Tumblr post about a teacher explaining a concept and walking away while the person totally does not get it

    11. This, every time:

    12. And, like, every day in class:

    13. And this, pretty much every day:

    Tumblr post reading my favorite thing about school was sitting with your friend and pointing at ugly pictures in textbooks and saying that's you

    14. How work gets done:

    Tumblr post reading me i'll do it at 7pm time 7:02pm me oops too late

    15. And challenging yourself:

    Tumblr post about doing a project all in one night and shifting into maximum overdrive

    16. Finishing at a blazing-fast speed:

    Instagram post reading when you finish a test early because you didn't know shit
    Instagram: @burlyjones / Via Nickelodeon

    17. Moments of quiet study:

    Picture of a man trying to stifle laughter with the caption how you look when your teacher tells you to stop

    18. Making the right choices:

    A man disappearing with the caption when the professor says attendance won't effect your grade

    19. And, finally, thinking back on what you learned over all those years:

    Tweet reading life: u didn't do your taxes you're going to jail me: the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
    Twitter: @andrewlowe

    It's been a wild ride.

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