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    37 People Who Had An Immeasurably Worse Month Than You


    If you had a rough week, just remember...

    1. The person who just recieved the very rare eagle's wings haircut:

    2. The person with the world's goopiest pizza:

    3. The person who learned an age old lesson the hard way:

    4. The person whose dog apparently hates fun:

    5. The person whose kids refuse to let them enjoy the finer things in life:

    6. The person who got the best treat inside their cereal box:

    7. The person with the world's worst roommate:

    8. The person who got the world's worst tip:

    9. The person who apparently ordered a frickin' copy of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain:

    10. The person who got a bottle of Oops! All Glass! Honey:

    11. The person who found out first hand how messed up the healthcare system is:

    Obviously this is a fail on the part of the healthcare industry.

    12. The person with a brand new backseat paint job:

    13. The person who must now burn their clock:

    14. The person who created a new life form while making breakfast:

    15. The person who now owns the world's scratchiest glasses:

    16. The person who will most certainly have a very restful sleep tonight:

    17. The person who just received a very rare deconstructed platter:

    18. The person who juuuuust missed out on the deal of a lifetime:

    19. The person who will never trust bluetooth again:

    20. The person who made mac and cheese burnt to Hell, just like Ma used to make:

    21. The person who was lucky enough to get their receipt inside their burger:

    22. The person who will never get to share their cat dreams:

    23. The person who had a l'il special treat at the end of their morning coffee:

    24. The person who got straight up SPLATTED by yellow goo:

    25. The person who had the unimaginable happen:

    26. The person who had a little friend show up and help Cinderella their morning routine:

    27. The person who Hulk'd the lock off their door:

    28. The person who can never charge again:

    29. The person with the world's stinkiest carpet:

    30. The person who got a little extra protein:

    31. The person who will be cleaning this mess 'til the end of time:

    32. The person with the new Nintendo Piiss:

    33. The person who is forever trapped in this door:

    34. The person who is eating cutting board spaghetti tonight:

    35. The person who has no idea what they look like:

    36. The person who dropped their dang beans:

    37. And the person who was betrayed by a cat: