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26 Pictures That Are Too Real For People Going Back To College

I'm tired.

1. The worst way to start the semester:

2. Day one:

3. Looking into your future:

4. Trying to fit everything in:

5. All the beautiful pictures you'll be taking:

6. The challenge:

7. The disappearing act:

8. Getting that scholarship money:

9. The never-ending battle:

10. Book prices:

11. Survival techniques:

12. THOSE people:

13. Meeting requirements:

14. Sweet relief:

15. Late nights:

16. Later nights:

17. The price of college:

18. The fear:

19. Smiling through the pain:

20. The natural progression:

21. Bedtimes:

22. Growing old:

23. Getting things done:

24. Passing out:

25. The ol' laundry push:


26. And, finally, the most important problem you'll do all four years:

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