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    I'm So Sorry, But Bacardi 151 Has Been Discontinued

    I feel sick. But not as sick as the last time I drank too much Bacardi 151.

    The printing press. The automobile. That tiny basketball hoop that you hang on the back of a door. All inventions that unquestionably changed the world and how we live.

    But none of them hold a candle (likely for safety reasons) to what is truly the pinnacle of human achievement: Bacardi 151.

    There's an old saying my Pop Pop used to use: "Nothing in life is certain but death, taxes, and getting extremely fucked up on Barcardi 151 in someone's basement."

    Bacardi 151 is the great equalizer. It's what brings us together. 151 doesn't care about your race, your gender, your wallet.

    But those days are gone.

    According to, a call to Bacardi HQ confirmed the news:

    "A rumor cropped up that 151 wasn’t really being put out to pasture, just temporarily withdrawn for a repackaging. Unfortunately, a phone call from The Brutal Hammer to Bacardi HQ has confirmed 151’s demise.

    No official reason was ever given, but it’s a pretty good guess that Bacardi got sick of being sued."

    Requests for comment from the intern running Bacardi's Facebook page went unanswered.

    Requests for comment from Vice President Joe Biden also went unanswered.

    Finally, requests from the boys went unanswered.

    For now, all we can do is remember the good times 151 gave us.

    I remember my first encounter with Bacardi 151...... I thought I knew a thing or two about drinking, and I was WRONG

    Like that time your dumbass friend started being a dumbass blowing fireballs with 151 and you were way too fucked up on 151 to stop him.

    Or that time your dumb ass thought you could handle that onnnnne last shot of 151:

    And none of us will ever forget drinking 151 out of a grape Gatorade bottle and ending up in a ditch.

    I remember one year for my birthday a friend of mine brought Gatorade and Bacardi 151 in a Gatorade bottle and was like happy birthday

    So here's to those nights that started like this...

    And ended like this:

    Because with 151, it wasn't just a drink — it was an experience.

    remember when I drank most of sam's bacardi 151 and was serving people cookies from a plate on my head and forgot I had eyebrows

    A life-changing — nay — a life-AFFIRMING moment.

    Long live Bacardi 151.

    Never forget.


    Do you have a story about a time Bacardi 151 absolutely destroyed you? Please share.