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    29 Interactions Every Extremely Awkward Person Has Experienced At Least Once In Their Life

    Honestly, been there.

    Every extremely awkward person has experienced...

    1. The longest 30 seconds of your life:

    comment asking if anyone knows what's supposed to be done when being sung "Happy Birthday" to

    2. That lil' run:

    that awkward little run when someone lets you cross the street

    Twitter: @DearVaughn

    3. Those painful two minutes:

    comment asking if anything is worse than pretending to laugh for two minutes

    4. The flailing:

    tweet reading chasing after a ping pong ball is wildly dehumanizing

    5. The pretend grocery search:

    6. The panic:

    comment about how you can't tell the difference when the eye doctor switches lensees during a test

    7. The hallway of doom:

    a man sweating with a math equation in front of him

    8. The devestation:

    When u said somethin that was funny and no one heard so u say it again and they ask why u said the same thing twice

    Twitter: @MVPJunkie

    9. The mumbles:

    Spongebob heaving as his mouth is pushed open by Patrick with the caption "The Dentist: So how's life going"

    10. The store nightmare:

    person commenting that putting change in his wallet causes anxiety

    11. The awkward walk back:

    comment about the awkwardness of walking back during bowling

    12. The line deception:

    a line for your name and another one below it for your last name with Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man looking confused

    13. The "huhs":

    Sometimes i say “huh?” then answer the question before the person even repeats themselves. Im not deaf, my brain just be laggin like a 2005 Dell desktop x

    Twitter: @sarahmaloneyxx

    14. The immediate amnesia:

    One of my biggest faults is that when I ask someone their name I forget to listen to what their name is. I really need to work on this

    Twitter: @TraeGilley

    15. The gurgs:

    comment about stomach gurgling in a quiet room

    16. That lil' smirk:

    The face you make when you walk past someone you know but not well enough to say hello

    Twitter: @AlanMarcus15

    17. The letdown:

    playing a card in Cards Against Humanity that no one else thinks is funny

    18. The authorization shrug:

    waiting for a debit card expression that is Jim Halpert's signature look

    19. The regretful wave:

    Mr Burns in a field

    20. The super casual conversation:

    someone thinking their weird no matter whether they are talking or not

    21. The childhood beginning of it all:

    22. The eye-contact nightmare:

    23. The build-up to a call:

    Twitter: @lazyfellow_me

    24. And the immediate aftermath:

    Frodo looking upset and then saying, "It's done"

    25. The stalemate:

    When you both "typing..." so you erase the message to let them speak first, but they do the same thing

    Twitter: @turboBeastV

    26. The solitary moment:

    27. The improv:

    "Me starting a sentence and realizing I have no idea how to end it"

    28. The consolation: 

    Me_irl from me_irl

    29. And the sweet, sweet memories:

    someone saying you won't remember it after a while and someone saying after three years they'll remember everything