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The 24 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Happened To People In 2018

This is painful.

1. Breakups deserving of an encore:

2. The most awkward poop of all time:

3. Small talk gone horribly wrong:

4. Outpourings of love for the dentist:

5. The worst executed fist bump of all time:

6. A little casual professor chat:

7. The little box that could (ruin a party):

8. Questionable AUX cord choices:

9. A series of unfortunate events:


10. Pac Sun disasters:

11. The roasting of a lifetime:

12. Salsa out of Salsa:

13. Confusing kitten purchases:

14. Unfortunate modeling jobs:

15. The world's most sex positive license plate:


16. Bad nun timing:

17. Friendly conversations with the new boss:

18. Screenshot disasters:

19. The most beautiful flower:

20. Mysterious bras:

21. Starbucks' next big business venture:

22. Big ol' bags:

23. Tender mother-son moments:

24. And mom's new favorite saying: