I'm Dying Laughing At These Incredibly Awkward First-Date Stories That Go From Bad To Worse

    I'm cringing.

    1. The bread date:

    reddit comment reading i once saw a guy shake his dates hand when she reached over to grab some bread

    2. The gas date:

    date where someone farts and gets ghosted

    3. The sipping date:

    guy on a date who moans every time he sips his drink

    4. The salad date:

    date where someone eats salad with their hands and then asks if their date has accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior

    5. The wandering date:

    Date where someone asks what was their worst first date and the other person says "probably this one"

    6. The movie theater date:

    Two people go to a movie and don't sit together and don't leave together

    7. The mystery date:

    person who eats with their date in silence, then the date leaves and they find out it wasn't their date

    8. The parking date:

    Tweet reading, "My date let me out of the car to wait on the curb while she parallel parked; after 3 attempts she drove off"

    9. The stomachache date:

    Date where someone lets out a big fart while they're making out and while apologizing throws up on their bed and then runs out of the apartment

    10. The 15-minute date:

    Date where someone makes a joke about a strong-looking dog being a "jacked Russell terrier" and the other person says that's not funny

    11. The mountain date:

    Tweet about someone getting lose on a first date and they have to be rescued

    12. The double date:

    Date where someone realizes the boy's dad is dating their mom

    13. The cropped date:

    YouTube comment about getting cropped out of a date photo

    14. The funeral-home date:

    Date where someone whose family owns a funeral home shares what makeup techniques they'd use on their date if they died

    15. The shots date:

    Date where the man who's old enough to be her father falls asleep

    16. The Gordon date:

    Tweet about someone sending a close-up of Gordon Ramsay's forehead instead of cleavage and the other person masturbated to it

    17. The sushi date:

    Date where someone orders way too much sushi

    18. The two-timin' date:

    Date where someone has two first dates at the same time in the same restaurant

    19. The eye contact date:

    Tweet about someone making eye contact and waving while a guy was going down on her

    20. The escape date:

    Date where one person tries to escape out the bathroom window

    21. The zodiac date:

    Date where someone says, "Nope, I can't do another Libra," and leaves because the other person was trying to decide what they wanted to order

    22. The seating date:

    First date where someone sits next to the wrong person in the theater

    23. The wine date:

    Someone trying to impress their date pronounces every wine word wrong

    24. The dessert date:

    Date where someone brings up a macabre awkward fact about how your significant other is most likely to murder you

    25. The tortilla chip date:

    Date where a woman starts laughing and ends up choking on a tortilla chip, throwing up on herself, and peeing in her pants in the restaurant

    26. The dad date:

    Person goes to the movies with the girl's dad behind them the whole time

    27. The McDonald's date:

    Date where someone says they have to leave early to catch a train and then the other person sees them walking out of McDonald's 15 minutes later

    28. The tiramisu date:

    Date where someone makes an unfunny joke about "I tira miss you" (riffing off the tiramisu cheesecake they ate) and never gets texted back

    29. And the breakup date:

    Tweet reading "I broke up with my girlfriend at a restaurant and she started crying, everyone thought i had proposed so they started clapping"