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Atlanta Is Basically An Episode Of "The Walking Dead" Right Now

Two inches of snow in Atlanta just set off the zombie apocalypse.

Press play and scroll:

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People are leaving the city...

I don’t want to alarm any Walking Dead fans. But this is what Atlanta looks like today…

Via Twitter: @Markfergusonuk

...just like in the show:

"Survivors" are wandering the streets:

...just like in the show:

Cars are abandoned:

Hmm Walking Dead photo on top Atlanta interstate on the bottom after 2 inches of snow.

The city at a standstill:

The highways at a standstill:

...or just plain empty:

The streets look eerily similar:

Atlanta is out of control! 2 inches, people! #SnowedOutAtlanta #walkingdead

Ga 400 looks like the highways on all zombie movies #WalkingDead #ZombieLand #LandOfTheDead #Atlanta #snow

People are even seeking refuge in stores:

In fact, everything looks just a liiiiiittle off:

And the most frightening part is that someone named "THE GOVERNOR" IS SPEAKING ON TV:

Correction: A photo that originally appeared on this list was actually from a 2011 storm in Chicago.