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27 Pictures Make You Way Happier Than They Should

Lighten up.

1. Goat swimmin':

2. True love:

3. Dad learning Snapchat:

4. A pudgy bird:

5. Grandpa's new dog:

6. The most royal princess of them all:

7. Dad's new phone case:

8. Pancakes for the chickens:

9. The family Buscemi:

10. American slang 101:

11. Pizza dad:

12. This dog taking matters into its own hands:

13. The best companion a kid could ask for:

14. What siblings are for:

15. The perfect maternity picture:

16. Dad's 60th:

17. Pippin's worst fear:

18. The Sad Cat:

19. The importance of female-led films:


20. The chicken twist dog:

21. This banana lover:

22. Pokemon Go safety:

23. The perfect couple:

24. Framed toilets:

25. This dog's awful haircut:

26. The perfect concert:

27. And if none of those pictures did it, let Jackie Chan give you some encouragement: