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    20 Of The Absolute Worst Excuses People Have For Not Getting The COVID Vaccine

    You're kidding me.

    Today the FDA approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for all adults above sixteen. This is great news!

    The vaccines are safe and effective and everyone who can get them should get them. Still, if you're reading this post, chances are you've seen some truly ridiculous arguments anti-vaxxers have given as to why they refuse to get vaccinated.

    Here are some of the absolute worst and most bizarre:

    1. "It will make you a zombie":

    2. "The ancient Spartans didn't need vaccines":

    3. "Vaccines are for dogs":

    4. "Why get a vaccine if I don't have the virus":

    5. "I got my vaccination 2000 years ago":

    6. "It will just magically disappear":

    7. "It makes you magnetic":

    8. "I don't know every single ingredient":

    9. "The vaccine will rub off on others":

    10. "Hand sanitizer has the same effect":

    11. "The virus is targeting the unvaxxed":

    12. "What about the long term effects":

    13. "You just need faith":

    14. "Vaccines are the devil":

    15. "I identify as vaxxed":

    16. "It's all misinformation":

    17. "It'll make your sterile":

    18. "An old truck driver told me not to":

    19. "Vaccine bad":

    20. "It can all be wiped out with a potato":