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Sorry, But There's No Way You'll Pass This Quiz If You're Under 50

If you know, don't tell.

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  1. What did these do?
  2. Where did this come from?
  3. What was one of these used for?
  4. What was this used for?
  5. What device would you stick these into?
  6. Where would you most likely find a drawer like this?
  7. What did this do?
  8. What's the relationship here?

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  9. Where would you find one of these?
  10. Any idea what this thing is?
  11. What would you use to heat up this iron?
  12. What did this button do? CLUE: You'd find it inside of a car.
  13. What are you doing if you're using one of these?

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  14. What did these speakers typically play?

    Twitter: @LisaVibronek
  15. What's this part of?

    Facebook: creativethings1
  16. What's this for?
  17. What would get hooked up to this?

    Facebook: BornInThe60sGrewUpInThe70sAndlivedThe80s
  18. What did this thing shoot?

    Twitter: @fras99
  19. What was kept inside one of these?
  20. Finally, what's this thing?

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