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19 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up What Adulthood Is All About

I guess this is growing up.

1. Becoming an adult is about leaving childish things behind:

2. It's about learning how to get things done:

3. And it's about taking care of business:

4. Being an adult is all about survival:

5. It's about making time for friends:

6. And it's about self-care:

7. Being an adult is about learning the true value of a dollar:

8. It's about being prepared:

9. It's about struggle and strife:

10. And it's about making big changes in your life:

11. Being an adult is about having the difficult conversations:

12. It's about finding joy in the little things:

13. And making time for friends:

14. It's about understanding:

15. Embracing freedom:

16. And realizing why your parents are the way they are:

17. Being an adult is about staying in touch:

18. And getting a little rest:

19. But mostly being an adult is this playing in your head every day, all day long: